Sunday, February 08, 2009

Socks in California and Sweater stared in Massachusetts

The Monkeys arrived in California, and Pam promises a picture soon....the most important part is that they FIT...

On another front, I have started a new sweater - maybe this one will actually get finished someday. Its the Rainbow Yoke Sweater from the latest Knitscene Magazine. I have substituted Naturespun Worsted in "Ash" for the Ella Rae Classic that was called for, same gauge, better price/value yarn I think, and I like Brown Sheep Yarn, its Made in the USA and I got each 245 yard skein for $7.00. The Noro Kureyon was a bit pricier, at between 8.20 and 9.00 per 110 yard ball. But the Japanese Colorways are just wonderful, and the subs that I could have used just don't compare in my mind. I am going to keep track of the sweater on Ravelry, my username is "knittingauntie" if you want to see the progress.

Since I am back on a knitting kick, last weekend I was able to get a reservation for the Hampton Inn in Freeport Maine for the NETA SPA weekend. Thats the last weekend in February. Its turned into a tradition the last 5 years to go to Maine for SPA. It used to be held on the 3rd weekend in February (and a bit closer to my birthday) but the last weekend is easier for a lot of people.

Back to the Monkey Socks, Pam promises me a picture of the socks in California, and I am sure she will come through alot sooner than I did with the socks.

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Jen said...

Lucky Pam, I love those socks. Have a great time with the sweater, I love the colors!