Friday, July 08, 2011

Has it really been a year?

I have been quilting and knitting, you would not know it from here, but I have posted things to Ravelry and I have a quilt ready for the quilter.  No pix here, but soon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Knitting Auntie is Quilting Auntie…

project runway cover

so i made 2 sewing machine covers this weekend – using a free pattern from spool.  the black one is using a fat quarter of project runway fabric plus other sewing black and white fabrics and the bottom one is shades of green and purple that i made for my best friend…hers got a monogram too…

 edela's machine cover

I also made a bag – The Party Tote – using 2 Hunky Dory Charm Packs.

it was a good sewing weekend, and I think I am addicted to Charm Packs….will have to look for more at the Summer Shop Hop this Friday….in NH.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Bye Bye 2009....its been interesting knowing you...

the year is over, ended with a Wii Bowling Tournament and the movie Julie and Julie which I liked very much. Must have been the blog stuff that got me because the idea of cooking over 500 recipes in one year gives me the willies. I would much rather sew and knit and quilt than do anything in the kitchen.
I did host my annual NYE party (just good friends and family) for pasta, some cherry dessert (looked horrid, tasted ok) and cake for bowling food. I did make my celery dip, put out sweets, chips and oops, just realized i never got the dip out.
On the quilting front, the quilt in this picture was finished in 2009 - the binding finally done the last days of the year. I knit a little, scarfs and hats and a sweater (baby) or two. I have more planned for 2010. I have been spending most of my time on facebook. But will continue to post here as I think of it.
Happy New Year to all...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

take us our to the ball game....

Connor and I went to a Red Sox Game - -it was a lot of fun and the SOX won...

T-Shirt Quilt Disney Style

My Disney T-Shirt Quilt in progress...its off to the quilter already, it was started at a class at the Country Heart Quilter Shop in Plymouth NH. I had a great time making it and am going to make a second one. I have some t-shirts from Disneyworld Christmas parties that I have attended.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Trio gone Bad...when life gives you lemons...

Well, I had such good sucess with the first trip around the world, I decided to make a second one as a birthday gift for my bother. Well, the prep work was fine, making the strip sets was good. Then, it came time to put it together... Well I guess my brain took a vacation yesterday, and I ended up with sonething that is not a "Trip around the World", but a quilt top that looks like its going in a single direction, not around the world. It needs one more strip (its not symetrical yet, and borders so that it will be big enough for his bed. He has a queen platform bed so the borders don't need to be huge, it does not need to hang to the floor. I have to find a few more quarter yards of the fabrics to be able to make the last strip or i will have to piece a few blocks to get what I need to get it done. Once that is done I can start thinking about the back and quilting. I will be sending it out. There is no way I am going to quilt this myself. To big and not enough time to get it done.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Trip Around New Hampshire 2009 Shop Hop Results

I have completed the top for my Trip Around New Hampshire 2009 quilt. This picture does not have the borders on it, but imagine a 2" black inner border and a 5" outer border done in the "Blue Paisley" fabric "Penelope by Alice Kennedy" is the actual fabric line. I did this quilt using the Trip Around the World instructions from
These are great free instructions that took me through making my first "TRIP". I have a second one planned already - it will be called "Stan's Trip through the Orient" using the Legacy Studio "Oriental" line is shades of gray, black, red and white. Once I get it done (the top anyway) I will post a picture.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

a window on maine

this quilt is made to showcase an image i took a few years ago during a late spring/early summer (last week of may) trip to the Acadia national park area in Maine. we stayed at a wonderful cottage on Elsworth lake with a juvenile bald eagle sitting in the tree in the side yard. the place was a wonderful spot to vacation, just far enough from bar harbor to be peaceful. its a wonderful memory. i will bring this to my office to add a window in the place.