Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Squirrels and Monkeys almost 1/2 done

I spent Labor Day weekend laboring on the first of a pair of Squirrel Fingerless Mitts. The yarn used is Brown Sheep Nature Spun - sport weight in Charcoal and Bougainvillea. I think that the colors compliment each other and the pattern. In Massachusetts the majority of squirrels are Gray. This pattern is an adaptation of one created by Hello Yarns Adrian. It is my first two color knitting and I think I did ok with it. I have ordered a kit from Finland for a pair of mittens in 3 colors - the yarn is dyed from natural dyes. I can't wait for it to arrive, but Leena says about 3 weeks to get to me from Finland (shipping is about 1/2 again the cost of the kit) but I did fall in love with the pattern/kit when I saw it on Ravelry.

On the monkey sock front I am working on the foot of sock 1 - they are going well. I like knitting Monkeys - they are fun. I have a bag put together to send with them, I need to get some cording to use as a handle, and find some wonderful "monkey nonsense" to go along with the pattern and sock yarn for my pal. I am getting scared that I won't find a yarn she does not own. She buys more yarn in a week than I buy in a month. More later...after the knitting.

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