Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sock-Pal-3 Finished Socks

I am proud to announce that my second pair of Japanese Feather Socks are completed and ready to ship overseas to my sock pal. These socks were knit with Kroy self-patterning sock yarn in blue/green/yellow/black/white. I am happy with how these socks came out. My sock pal will be receiving these on-time (I hope). Now to figure out what to send with them - last time I sent my pal a hand-embroidered pillow-cover and put the socks in a cute little ditty bag that I made from "sock" fabric. I also included "Boston Baked Beans Candies" and Maple Sugar Candy as I am from New England. This time I will think of something different. Not sure what yet, I am not sure about shipping candy and such oveseas - is it allowed? I will have to check that out.


Anonymous said...

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TraciSue said...

I remember many people send cookies to service people, so something like candy would be less of a breakage problem.

What kind of toe is that?