Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Noah's Ark Quilt Started...

I found this wonderful pattern online, its "Noah's Ark Stitchery BOM by Lynette Anderson of The first 7 blocks have been posted and I have printed them out so that I can play catch-up. I went to Joann's last night and picked up a yard of a "dark tan" cotton for the background, and all the colors that are listed for the first 7 blocks. I pulled out my lightbox (that I had to have all those years ago and never used till today) and traced out the 1st block "The Rabbits", and have both rabbits mostly stitched. I love the quick-simple cuteness of the block designs, and I want to wait till I have a few done before I pick the fabrics to border them in (unless I get impatient and have to see them bordered). I have ton's of fat quarters that will work for the borders, but the question is what colors do I really want to use.
I think the Australian Stitchery that I have begun to find online really appeals to me, I like the simple designs. On a totally unlrelated note, I mentioned making a graduation quilt for my middle nephew, Justin will graduate in June, Devin his older brother graduated this past June and I have not made him a quilt, but maybe now is the time for starting quilts for both guys. Devin stated Mass Bay Community College yesterday, a great achievement for him. He wants to work with "special needs kids" and is interested in the "Human Services" associates degree. I have a couple of ideas for quilts for them, but need to work on designs before I think about getting any more supplies.
And on the knitting front, before you ask, no the socks are not finished. Boy they are well travelled though, they went to the carribean in the spring, bermuda in august and will go to disney world in 19 days when i go back....gotta get them finished, my poor pal has given up on them, but I do want to finish them.

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Annelies said...

Lots of success with making these blocks.
I already made the first seven.