Monday, September 10, 2007

beanie hat gold/noro

beanie hat gold/noro
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Travelling to Vermont this weekend I had a lot of "car" time so I knit two hats - this is one of them - the yarn is Turnberry Tweed in an orange/gold and Noro Kureon 158. The resulting hat goes good with Animal if I do say so myself.

I knit this as a gauge swatch for a EZ sweater - this one on size 8 US needles, the next post is the size 6 US needles. I have not decided exactly which one I like better for a sweater. Both hats will be warm as the Turnberry Tweed and Kureon are both warm yarns. By the way it was in the mid 90's here in New England when I pulled this yarn out to knit with (am I crazy or what)

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