Friday, May 04, 2007

Let the sock knitting begin..and a view of last times socks..

This is the pair of replacement socks I knit last summer for Sockapalooza3. The first pair I knit were lost in the mail and looked nothing like these. The first pair were a Japanese Lace pattern that I did not have the energy or heart to reknit, so these flew off the needles in their place. I did like these when they were finished. I don't know what happened today when I tried to post this but it was a failure at lunch. So here goes again. Socks to be knit - 1 pair, yarn to purchase 2 skeins, patterns to choose 1, wool/bamboo or koigu? what will it be. I have a love of koigu that makes me want to choose it, and they have so many nice colors. Lets see what next weekend brings at the NH Sheep and Wool...maybe some wool/bamboo will call to me.


Alotta.knittin said...

Hello knitting (and quilting) auntie. I also knit and quilt. I'm new to this technology and my blog has very little on it but check it some time. I'll be posting knitting and quilts in progress.

Charlotte said...

Good words.