Monday, September 11, 2006

Knitters Tea Swap 2

Joined Knitters Tea Swap 2 - Can't wait till the match-ups go out so I can find out who I get to buy yarn and tea for. Will post more about what I am working on as soon as I have a few free minutes. Think Bombshell Sweater with modified arms and Fir Cone Lace Wrap...Pictures to follow.


Leigh Ann said...

Sharon can you Help me! I want to add the KTS2 to my side bar and I have know clue. Seriously no clue!

Thank you!!

Leigh Ann

PS I would love to add alot of other things - percentages, etc as well.

Beth said...

I am so happy you stopped by my blog to thank me for the tea swap stuff. As you read, my computer is down and I couldn't find your email or blog information anywhere. Are you listed on the Tea Swap blog?

I'm glad you like the mug. I thought it was really pretty. I hope you enjoy your package. I had a lot of fun shopping for you.

Your Tea Pal,

JennyRaye said...

I just saw the package you sent your teapal on the swap page, and it is amazing! I particularly love the tea cup. Where in the world did you find it? I'd love to track down one, but need a place to start. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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