Friday, October 14, 2005

KIRI completed

Well its been almost a month since I posted last and I have completed KIRI (finished last night) and not much else. There is a photo of it that I took this morning at left. It is taking a while to dry, I blocked it during Survivor last night. I did get the sleeves on the Rainbow Quilt for the Wayside Quilt Show on Oct 22-23. If anyone is around Concord Ma on the 22-23rd the show is sure to be wonderful again this year. I have 2 quilts in it. I can't believe we leave on vacation in 9 days either. I have got to get going on getting ready for the trip - I have a dress to alter and a few outfits to put together including an outfit to wear with my KIRI. The ship is pretty casual so I am thinking a pair of slacks and a light sweater will work for dinner most nights. Guess I had better get packing. More knitting content later. I have a sweater in progress, I might even take a photo of it before its done. Its coming along pretty well too.
More another day...Still waiting for a picture of my sock pal wearing her socks...guess I should post to her page again. I know she is busy with school but I would like to add the photo to my documentation of who got the socks.