Monday, August 15, 2005

Strawberry Shortcake...its all in a name

Strawberry Shortcake Sock and a Cookout too...

The swap sock has been officially named The Strawberry Shortcake is done, two has been started. I like the way it came out, the toe looks a bit pointy but when it is tried on it fits pretty well. My sock pal has a bit smaller foot than I so I should be very comfortable for her. I was going to post 2 pictures of the sock, but the other one is just not as good. I guess I need to practice my sock photography - I wonder if anyone has a class on that.

In other news, we had our neighbors cookout at the campground saturday night- I made macaroni salad (a standby), my girlfriend E made potato salad and mashed potato, her husband made burgers for the kids and our other neighbors Dusty and Al made smoked turkey (yummy), gravy for the mashed potato, asian coleslaw and Rootbeer cake (but it was orange this time as she was out of rootbeer). We also had fresh corn from the local garden center in Center Harbor.

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